Zune device never finishes updating

Download the Zune software from Microsoft In the present day, you lose all the cool features like Zune Music Pass, but as a functional interface for putting content onto the Zune HD, it still works just fine. With only 16GB of internal storage and no expansion, I won't be loading up my whole music collection, but it'll still hold a good chunk of it.When you consider that for most of us our smartphones have become our media players, many are still sold with only 16GB of internal storage for .

All the new features and interface bumps of your second generation peers are just a click away -- as soon as Microsoft finishes updating the Zune site.

Customer service has been, and will remain a top priority for us. The Zune as hardware is finito, but the Zune lives on as an app, as a place to buy and consume music in Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Not mentioned in Microsoft's blurb -- the Zune on the Xbox home gaming console.

One thing became quickly apparent: I should have never bought an i Pod.

From the start, the Zune HD feels like a quality product.

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