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See full summary » Hungarian small time crook, 70 year old Tibi Balog gets out of prison after 10 years, but he didn't change a bit.When a Japanese crime syndicate hires him to acquire a Hungarian invention ...Despite his sorrow, he does his duty and takes up arms again to march further into the hell of the eastern front.During an attack he gets wounded and he's forced to spend a night behind enemy lines hiding out in a pit, where he meets an old man.Fresh Italian director Gabriele Albanesi has done something that no other Italian horror/thriller director has managed to do since Argento lost his touch in the early 90'ies.

Any war movie has to be judged by the quality of action scenes and views of movements, fight scenes, use of ammunition and military hardware.It might be appropriate to deal with the devil since after all Lombos, who has repeatedly been denied a furlough, is going down through several circles of Hell here.Some are obvious (the land mines), some are more psychological (could his wife cheat with an officer and have his name kept out of the list for furloughs, hoping he'd die? Some Hungarian commentators have raised the notion they did not like the movie because it was more like a Soviet movie extolling the greatness of the red Army, political commissars included, rather than the value of the Hungarian soldiers and officers, whom we actually see only briefly, mostly at the beginning.There is a reason why Terzani's bestsellers are so frightening ...Alessio will discover that reality can be unexpectedly more terrifying than every brainchild, and he will have to fight hard to escape Ubaldo Terzani's jaws.Since Hungarians were Nazi allies, it is of course a touchy proposition to extol the virtues of the Hungarian army in WW2.In the end, and without spoiling a somewhat surprising ending, what remains is an individual's attempt at surviving and discovering himself through tough war experiences and with the on and off advice of a devil-like figure. The end and the beginning offer short moments that are completely out of the war setting making the philosophical choices even more obvious, as well as the function of a diary Lombos Mihaly writes in at odd times.Private Lombos, tied to his family and his homeland by a strong loyalty, is serving in the Royal Hungarian Army.Due to an administrational error, he cannot go back home on leave.There are small issues, like the dialogue between Sara and Alessio being slightly out of place, the pacing irregular at the beginning and other small issues, but I frankly wasn't bothered by them.Sergio Stivaletti simply did an amazing job on the blood and gore in the movie, but then he's a master.

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