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For all its eccentricity and immaturity - and there are certainly areas which could see some improvement - Windows Phone people-centric design makes a great introduction for new users to smartphones.In many markets such users have had a choice of Landfill Android or a second-hand, years old flagship. For many tech-savvy Reg readers the Lumia 520 has too many compromises, but I’ll bet you know somebody, a friend or a relative, who would welcome a basic-but-functional smartphone too.So Nokia has had to make compromises, but thankfully, it has made them by shearing off the proverbial bells and whistles, rather than with a cheaper processor and RAM, or a crummy display.There’s no front-facing camera or LED flash for the rear camera. There’s no compass chip, which means that apps requiring it, such as point-at-the-sky astronomy programs or Nokia’s own augmented reality City Lens, won’t work.Marketing your business online takes time, money and lots of technical expertise.takes care of that for you, putting you everywhere your customers are searching.

And Windows performance really stands out in this budget end of the market, against landfill Android – it’s not only far faster than the competition but it also feels far more assured and reliable; WP8 is the more deterministic system.

Now the 520 takes the SIM-free price down to a quite ridiculous £99.

Few Nokia handsets in recent years have been quite as warmly received as the 620 – the wee, playful handset seems to inspire genuine affection. The 520 is a little larger than the 620 with a 4-inch display, and ten per cent more battery juice (1430m AH).

Neither the 620 nor 520 feature Gorilla Glass™ and I found both became mucky quite quickly, suggesting the oil-repellent (oleophobic) coating is missing too.

Nonetheless, the screen stood up well in bright British daylight, and the curious brightness lag introduced in the Portico update has now been resolved.

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