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I have recently been demanded to return to World of Warcraft, to take part in a reform of my old guild, so I am trying to reinstall World of Warcraft.

I have downloaded the installer with no problems and run it as administrator, however it simply hangs at "Checking for updates..." as per below; I have left this installer for a period of time and it has not timed out, it simply just sits there doing nothing.

I have talked to a friend of mine who lives in Rotterdam (Nederlands) he also as the same problem by the way i live in Harderwijk (Nederldands)Any help or explanation for this problem would be apreciated.

Please try this if AVG is installed;- Open AVG- Select Tools- Go to Advanced Settings- Open Resident Shield- Choose Exceptions- Add World of Warcraft- Navigate to Virus vault- Restore wow.exe- Restore wow-64Internal errors are very frequently caused by interference from security software.

If you need more help I basically solved it using page 2 of this thread: Yesterday was everything ok and today we come home after work to play and we got this "you've been disconected from the server".

I already did all of the things like deleting the blizzard entertainment folder, flush dns, disable firewall anti-virus but still nothing work.

Please disable your firewall(s) and anti-virus software.

Then after that, switch back to your desired language and see what happens? So fartried changing the language setting to German in the installer ( worked for some ) downloaded US game client and tried that no good disabled anti virus and firewallflushed DNS cache run as administrator Nothings worked Agent, then deleted the "agent.db" from the "Agent" folder. utm_source=Internal-Tech Forum&utm_medium=Posting&utm_campaign=Blizzard CS&utm_content=0604143. Pick "Game Installer" from under the World of Warcraft game client downloads (Not the client, just the WOW client) and this will then open and start updating the client.Finally, go back to the shortcut for the game or the launcher and right click to Run as Administrator. I deleted by folder and Blizzard Entertainment folder from C:/Docs and Setting/All Users/Application Data. Went into the launcher options and saw that P2P was disabled so I changed that.Please PM me directly if you continue to need any assistance, I'll be happy to respond. Within 60 seconds, the download took off and finished up. Because in a previous patch, it seemed as if disabling it in much the same situation [stuck] made it work again. All of the above advice is of course something you should keep around handy as well, the AGENT thing in particular.MPQ file) or get it from a friend, or update your files to bypass the firewall.You can download every upgraded file on a patch by patch basis from this site: (the most recent downloads for these are on the homepage, not the one I linked).And thanks for the replies, but none of them has worked yet :/Never heard of the fix Araxom mentioned, personally i just delete: \wow\cache \wow\updates\wowdb\'files' You can delete all of them, usually its enough to delete the most recently created file, this time its most likely the ~5.5 mb file (patch file gets corrupted and launcher cant resume download.) If you haven't already done what Araxom said, I'd suggest doing it.If your like me, and it still doesn't work, its likely an issue with the firewall (as is the case with me at my school. In order to fix this, you have two options: download the patch (the .It can potentially take more than 24 hours, not to mention that it can easily eat up your entire quota for the month if you have limited downloads. Been trying to do as they direct you to for 30 mins or more looking for files and shait that dont even exist in my cpu, so this was very helpful and should be stickied(with all caps letters) for the 100`s that dont run 64 bits and will stumble upon this problem when trying to get in game today. Rename That to: Uninstall.trash Run World of warcraft the way you would do it. I'm inclined to think that perhaps deleting the files instead of renaming them would be better (if they're not being used, no reason to let them use up memory). And the game should start repairing, And updating.. :)You just reminded me of neglected Horde alts on Tarren Mill I've been ignoring. Download servers (EU) were overloaded or something in the evening. Everytime there is a patch (even the small ones) it stops working.I can ofc just transfer the game from my bro again, but that will prob get kinda anoying in the end : P So if anyone still have some ideas, then i'll be glad to hear them!

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