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Sharapova also disturbingly exaggerates Williams’s physical presence and anger, positing that the combination of the two is the reason Sharapova has never again beaten Williams.While Sharapova’s memoir is supposed to give her take on women’s tennis’s most famous feud, it doubles as a clear example of how the sport has often treated the two oppositely and unfairly.Instead, what Sharapova and Williams have is a feud.And it’s a feud that has captivated tennis fans and sportswriters even when the women’s matches have not. In the book, which came out on September 12, Sharapova explains why she believes she hasn’t beat Williams since 2004.“In analyzing this, people talk about Serena’s strength, her serve and confidence, how her particular game matches up to my particular game, and, sure there is truth to all of that,” Sharapova writes, revisiting her 2004 Wimbledon upset over Williams, who was favored to win.To understand the depth of the Sharapova-Williams feud, it’s important to understand that at any given moment, the game of tennis tends to revolve around a single player.For long stretches in both men’s and women’s tennis, one player has usually become the face of the game.

All signs point to Williams being Sharapova’s personal benchmark, idol, and frenemy and the standard that defines her career.

“Serena Williams has marked the heights and the limits of my career — our stories are intertwined,” Sharapova writes.

“It was Serena whom I beat in the Wimbledon final to emerge on the international stage at seventeen, and it’s Serena who’s given me the hardest time since.” But with respect to Williams’s legacy, Sharapova is more of a footnote.

That’s a huge reason there’s so much interest in her memoir: People want to read Sharapova’s take on 13 years of losses to Williams and find out whether she thinks she’s capable of beating Williams again.

Maria Sharapova is an entertaining tennis player — but more so off the court than on.

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