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- 2.07: Chase helps Cameron with hangover, but he tells her that what happened between them the night before should probably never happen again. Cameron agrees and assures him that she doesn’t want it to, trying to play off any signs that the attraction may be mutual. 'you're glowing' when cam was looking at his pic 4. DS: Yeah, like Cameron and Chase are certainly not on screen as much as they used to be, but the stuff they’re doing, I think, takes on a different weight and a greater weight. MR: I happened to mention that I’d be talking to you today in a Web chat last Friday, and I told people to send in their “House” questions. ” It sure seemed like some fans were missing those characters. When you use a character a little less, you don’t want to hear, "Well, it’s about time you did that." It’s good that people want more. [From later in the interview...] MR: Are there going to be any major cast changes, in terms of people leaving? April 28, "No More Mister Nice Guy": "House thinks an emergency room patient has a bigger problem than the E. initially diagnosed based on the fact that the patient is 'too nice.' Meanwhile, House and Amber (guest star Anne Dudek) are at odds vying for Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) time and attention in an all-new episode." May 5, "Living the Dream": "In an all-new episode, House is convinced that one of the actors (guest star Jason Lewis) on his favorite soap opera, 'Prescription Passion,' has a serious medical condition, but has to take matters into his own hands when both the actor and House's own team dismiss his assessment, believing that nothing is wrong with the soap hunk." May 12, "House's Head": "In Part 1 of the two-part season finale, House is in a bus accident and loses four hours of his memory.We are a strange hybrid of a show -- we’re fundamentally a procedural, but there are all of these characters people want to find out more about. But I don’t want to change the fundamental nature of the show and there’s only so many pages for us to deal with [character stories]. MR: So does that mean some of those bodies will leave the show, that there will be attrition at some point? I didn’t expect a lot of them, but I did get quite a few – and a lot of them were from readers who were unhappy with the Chase/Cameron situation. We are trying to give all the characters [screen time], all the characters have their fans and we’re trying to give them what they want. MR: If the show was going into Season 7 and we were still talking about this crush that Cameron has on House – we’d both be like, “Why are we still talking about this? Will someone exit the roster of ongoing characters? He slowly pieces together that a fellow bus passenger was exhibiting signs of a deadly illness.Both Cameron and Chase had been there for a while at the time of the pilot. And if he wasn’t who he is, you wouldn’t like him as much. And it’s sort of something that becomes I think fake on TV – that people stay in these roles forever. But I think they also are enjoying [the fact that their characters are] not intimidated by House. MR: There are a whole lot of people on the show now.Has that been challenging, trying to integrate all those characters? That’s what I mean by being ahead of the curve a little bit [earlier in the interview, we talked about the writers doing the Season 4 "Survivor" challenge as a way to shake up the show before it got too set in its ways].

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Please write whatever you can remember and I'll collect it all in first post. - 1.03: Chase is talking with Foreman about Cameron. In first scene Chase is mocking Cameron "House doesn't have sex, he MAKES LOVE." In second Cameron tells Chase about her date with House.

(“House” will air four episodes starting April 28; for more on what will happen in those episodes, go here; you can also go to the end of this item, where I've posted Fox's plot summaries for the four episodes).

I’ll be posting the complete transcript of my conversation with Shore as “House’s” return date gets closer, but here’s the part of the interview that touched on Chase and Cameron situation (and this part is not spoilery).

She covers her mouth with her hands, like she was thinking "omg what my lips have touched" ]:- - 2.07: "Yeah, he's pretending to care, he's pretending not to." After Cameron gets possibly infected, he asks her for a drink, but she refuses.

Later that night she invited him over and couple has it's first kiss and sex.

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