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There are many variations on the looping-video format but Boomerang is by far one of the most entertaining.The app works by taking a burst of 10 photos then automatically stitches these together into a 1-second video that rolls back and forth in perpetuity.The i Pad app doesn't offer the full range of manual camera controls, but images can be synced between multiple devices, so you can shoot on your i Phone then edit on the big screen.A useful business/social app to have in your arsenal, Slack is a snazzy-looking conversation platform aimed at the workplace.The app is also a great way to stoke your sense of competition, with filtered leaderboards, weekly time-based goals, detailed heart-rate analysis and integration with Facebook, Twitter and Apple's in-built Health app.You can do all the push-ups and sun salutations you like, but it needs to be backed up with a healthy diet.What makes VSCO Cam stand out is that these edits are non-destructive, so you have full freedom to experiment and perfect your image.When you're done, you can share your creations on an online gallery.

To save your thumbs the unnecessary effort of scrolling through pages of clones (exhausting, we know), we’ve picked the greatest apps available.

You probably don’t need me to tell you how Airbnb works: basically, you pay to rent out rooms from other users of the app.

What I will say, however, is that having the app installed on your phone or tablet saves a lot of hassle when you need to reach your contacts on the move.

The jerky aesthetic of the shot clips gives them a rough charm – a bit like the dancers in the video for Pulp’s Common People.

The app is made by Instagram, so it naturally offers a prominent button for sharing the videos there, as well as on Facebook.

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