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Even if it strikes you as morbid, try not to discourage him, as it’s his way of working through his feelings.You may find that your child behaves in a manner that seems uncaring or cold compared with the reactions of older people.One minute your preschooler may be sobbing, the next minute he may be asking, "What's for tea?" This doesn’t mean that your child cares any less about what has happened.No matter how many times you explain it, young children can't really get to grips with what causes death.Even when a parent or a sibling has died, your child probably won’t see death as something that can happen to him.

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Most young children are aware of death from early on.

Preschoolers often engage in role play as part of their development.

Your preschooler may start pretending that some of his toys have died or even play dead himself.

If your preschooler's routine is disrupted by the bereavement, this can have an impact too.

He may struggle to understand why the adults around him are so sad.

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