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(If you think this project is too complex you might go here and sign up for the kit mailing list.The kits will be much more simple than this.) Sorry about that. Other things you might find handy: a ruler/tape measure, a multimeter, a breadboard, some tape, a magic marker, sand paper, files, hot glue.Settings of about 10 and 7 make it hard for two people to knock the same knock even if they know the rhythm.But it also increases the number of false negatives.And if you're like me a well stocked first aid kit.(The links are for example only, I don't necessarily recommend or have experience with any of these vendors.Feel free to suggest other sources in the comments.)1 If you have a torque meter or a torque wrench, apply it to your door lock to get an idea of what torque it will take to open your lock.Don't complain to me if someone imitates your knock and steals all your stuff, you've been warned.

Follow whichever one you're the most comfortable with.If you put this on your door, be sure to carry your key too.The batteries might die, the suction cups might fail or you might forget your knock.Use a online conversion tool to convert between foot/pounds, N/m, etc.This section assumes that you know how to connect your Arduino microcontroller to you computer, compile and upload a sketch.If you have any trouble, check the troubleshooting section at the Arduino site.Code overview: For the curious, here's a look at a few bits of code if you're interested in tinkering: (If you're not curious, go to the next section) about Line 28: Both of these are used to determine how accurately someone has to knock.If the precision is turned all the way up it can even detect people apart, even if they give the same knock!(Though this does trigger a lot of false negatives, which is no fun if you're in a hurry.) It's also programmable.If you don't know how to do that you probably shouldn't be doing this Instructable.But at the bottom of this section and copy it to your sketchbook.

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