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While Who’s On First uses Quattroshapes geometries for most neighbourhoods globally, many neighbourhoods in the United States, including San Francisco, source their default geometry from Zetashapes.

The Zetashapes project follows the same basic principles as Quattroshapes, but builds shapes up from Census 2010 features.

It is possible to keep your database up to date by ensuring that you check client details regularly, updating your records as soon as you become aware of changes.By failing to keep your information up to date, you could be throwing money down the drain by attempting to reach people whose details have changed.You could even commit a major faux pas by trying to contact someone who has died.Smaller cities might have a couple well known neighbourhoods, but they’re “squishy”, and you’d probably say things like “by the shopping mall” or “by the high school” instead of using a neighbourhood name.In larger localities, like San Francisco and New York City, we generate neighbourhood names in our Search results for the more interesting neighbourhoods.We’ve seen problems with shapes extending into adjacent localities, counties, and sometime far out into neighboring rural areas.This automated technique used by Zetashapes is responsible for some of the issues that we want to address.We’ve developed a useful browsing tool that displays our Who’s on First records’ geometries and attributes in our Spelunker. Specifically, neighbourhood records in Who’s on First are important because they are used for: and we’re proud of that.We’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up their names and positions on the map, and now we’re starting to clean up their shapes.Professional data-cleansing bureaux can help extract data from your system and get the cleansed data back in.They can also screen customer data against a range of files, including the national change of address file, and register of the deceased. The national change of address file, for example, only takes into account people who notify Royal Mail that they have moved (about one third of people who move each year).

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  2. To verify if you are using TLS check that you are connecting to port 6697 in your client, or if you are currently connected whois yourself and look for " is using a secure connection".