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This model is no longer made, but I think it's very effective to its purpose and has some very nice sounds. Everything goes through this box before it reaches my PC sound board (Sound Blaster Live).Behringer is one brand that I enjoy particularly because they produce high quality devices and sell them for a dime. It has 8 channels (4 mono and 4 stereo), a 3-band equalizer, Aux Inputs, etc. It's very useful to control inputs volume, connect XLR balanced microphones, etc.It's like going to the root of the sound and mould as we please from there. Washburn Guitars has a storied history that started in Chicago in 1883.This application is dedicated to multitrack recording, which means to record every instrument on "tracks" and then edit them, changing each track's volume, controlling the pan (L/R), placing a recording in an exact spot in the music, etc.

This little blue toy allows players to get rid of the use of mikes to capture those "noisy" amplifiers.I believe most dance music hits are made with tools like these.As soon as you learn how to use it, you'll care for nothing else ...Put it all togheter, with one of the slimmer neck you'll ever see, and here's to you, the N2, designed by Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme.This guitar amplifier has 160 Watt of power, which basically means that at low volume levels, it's loud as hell.It also "boosts" the sound of your guitar, so that it cuts in the overall mix, making it sound "stronger" and clearer, if well configured. In other words, it's essencial for a professional and even semi-profissional sound.This is a very nice instrument, because it has 99% piano sound, it's cheaper, it's smaller (although it is a piece of furniture) and it can do pipe organ, electric piano and clapsichord with also 99% sound imitation.All in all, it's an Ibanez, which means it's damn good! Usually I connect the bass directly to the mixing console (sometimes through the multi effects pedal).The simplest amplifier there is for electric bass guitar. This is a multi-effects pedal which means that it applies different, various effects to an electric guitar signal (at the same time or not), like Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Wah, Distortions and Overdrives, Acoustic Simulator, etc.It features Floyd Rose bridge, maple body and neck, and two humbuckers - a Bill Lawrence at the bridge and a Washburn 621 at neck position (I switched this one with a Seymour Duncan '59).It doesn't have tone controls at all, but has a great, balanced sound.

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