Updating your web config to enable asp net ajax

In this paper we saw how to quickly create a waiting page to use in our applications.If you need only to show to user that a process is still running or already finished, the simplest solution will do for you (note that you also can add Ajax features for better user experience! If your process should return complex data or may be split in discrete parts you may like to use the waiting page with feedback, or if you have to run a few processes you may use the multi-process version of the waiting page.Thanks to Microsoft Ajax Extensions ( we do not need to do much work.

The best way to see this in action is to watch David Ebbo's awesome 17 minute screen-cast: You can also follow the steps below to easily get started and use the dynamic data support: Once you have the ASP.

To understand this stuff better look through the attached source code.

NET 3.5 Extensions CTP we shipped this past weekend contains a bunch of great new features.

The simplest solution to implement is which does not require tracking real progress of asynchronous process, thus showing only two states of the process – still running or already finished.

At first, we should create a controller object that can simply provide the waiting page with the state of the request. If there is more than one process running in the background waiting page should wait for, then it is necessary to implement some kind of progress bar control and extend the sample shown above to handle more than one process.

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