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For example if it is a text file or some other file like an image for example.Then Windows installer follows a flowchart to decide how to patch such files.The tool along with the source has been provided along with good description on Heath Stewarts MSDN blog link – as a good practice exe and dlls have version information associated with them.So a exe/dll in a patch would have a version greater than the one present in the base installation.It’s premature to talk about moving Word Press core and plugins to another SCM system — we have a lot invested with Subversion and Trac. You can have your Git and commit to Subversion too! So rebase your commits into one commit, like so: Use “reword” on the first commit. Word Press’ branches are in Do your work in the branch you created.You can imagine a MSI to contain a set of Properties, Tables (like database tables), Components, Files, Custom Action logic etc.

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I logged into my NAS yesterday and was informed that DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7 was available to install.

In an Administrative installation, the files are kept in a separate location and the MSI contains the location information of the files which are used during installation. The files in the patch could be patching existing files which are part of the base installation and/or could contain a set of new files not present in the original MSI. CAB in the MSP could contain only binary differences as compared to the files in the base installation.

Windows installer follows a set of rules to decide whether a file in the patch is a diff or if it has to keep the entire file.

Inorder for verbose logging to work, you will have to add the following registry setting – For complete on logging see –

Also look at the Wikipedia link that has additional info on how to enable this logging from Windows Server 2008 onwards (the procedure has changed as compared to how it was done in XP/W2K3).

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