Updating ruby gem

see the gemsets for more details on using sets of gems. When you do sudo you are running commands as root, another user in another shell and hence all of the setup that RVM has done for you is ignored while the command runs under sudo (such things as GEM_HOME, etc...).

Tutorials are great, however we have spent massive amounts of man hours debugging the installation process.It's not possible to use global gemsets from system without using tricks like manually linking directories and they should not be used in mixed-mode. The second one is to use separate managers with rvmsudo and privilege escalation. This mode should also works with passenger, please follow passenger instructions. Close out your current shell or terminal session and open a new one (preferred).Please bear in mind that 'system' in this context does not refer to your distribution's ruby packages, but to the RVM Multi-User installation. You may load RVM with the following command: rvm list known # MRI Rubies [ruby-]1.8.6[-p420] [ruby-]1.8.7[-p374] [ruby-]1.9.1[-p431] [ruby-]1.9.2[-p320] [ruby-]1.9.3[-p545] [ruby-]2.0.0-p353 [ruby-]2.0.0[-p451] [ruby-]2.1[.1] [ruby-]2.1-head ruby-head ..install 2.1 Checking requirements for opensuse. Installing Ruby from source to: /home/mpapis/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.1.1, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)... We isolate the Ruby load paths that are accessible to Puppet Server’s JRuby interpreter, so that it doesn’t load any gems or other code that you have installed on your system Ruby.If you want Puppet Server to load additional gems, use the Puppet Server-specific $ lein gem --config ~/.puppetserver/-- install pry \ --no-ri --no-rdoc Fetching: coderay-1.1.0(100%) Successfully installed coderay-1.1.0 Fetching: slop-3.6.0(100%) Successfully installed slop-3.6.0 Fetching: method_source-0.8.2(100%) Successfully installed method_source-0.8.2 Fetching: spoon-0.0.4(100%) Successfully installed spoon-0.0.4 Fetching: pry-0.10.1(100%) Successfully installed pry-0.10.1-java 5 gems installed see Puppet Server: Debugging.For example, the popular Nokogiri gem for processing XML provides a completely compatible Java implementation that’s automatically installed if you run .The JRuby wiki C Extension Alternatives page discusses this issue further.If you have server-side Ruby code in your modules, Puppet Server will run it via JRuby.Generally speaking, this only affects custom parser functions, types, and report processors.Please use the install process(es) from this site only, as this is the only supported installation types and methods.It is safe to simply re-run the installation script again, or you can follow the upgrading docs.

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