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The most common use for a servlet is to extend a web server by providing dynamic web content.Web servers display documents written in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and respond to user requests using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

In this example, the simple servlet returns an HTML page that displays the text entered by the end user.JSON binding was added to Eclipse Link in version 2.4.If you are using a version of that does not contain this version (i.e.If not, you can refer to: NOTE: In this post I only introduce about CRUD, "Login" and "Remember Me" function. If you want to have an application, secure each page, please refer to the article below: Therefore, you must hide your JSP files in a place where the user can not access. For instance, set it in the WEB-INF folder or its subdirectories. Http Session; import org.o7planning.simplewebapp.beans. User Account; public class My Utils package org.o7planning.simplewebapp.utils; import In this document, I download both of 3 JDBC libraries for Oracle, My SQL, SQL Server, in practice, you only need JDBC library corresponding to the type of database you are using. JDBCFilter will check the request to ensure that it only opens JDBC connection for the necessary request, eg for Servlet, avoid opening JDBC connection to common requests like image, css, js, html package org.o7planning.simplewebapp.filter; import About the Example A browser accepts end user input through an HTML form.The simple form used in this lesson has one text input field for the end user to enter text and a Submit button.In this document, I will guide step by step how to create a simple web application with the combiantion of Servlet JSP Filter JSP EL JDBC. Make sure that you've mastered Servlet, JSP and Filter and JDBC before the start.

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