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You should be able to see this new folder in your FILES panel.The page you see displayed in Dreamweaver is also no longer "". It looks exactly like your home page at the moment because you used your home page as the basis for this template (via "File | Save as Template..."), but you can verify that you are indeed no longer working on your "index.html" file by looking up at the tab under your menu bar in Dreamweaver (near the top of the Dreamweaver window). Now you'll have to decide which part of your web page is going to be invariant across your site, and which portions will contain content that will be different from page to page.

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Here's where Dreamweaver CS5 shines in helping you automate the task of creating and maintaining a multi-page website.In-App updates are installed in the following locations: When you choose automatic update, the download and install of In-App updates are transparent.When an In-App update becomes available, it is downloaded automatically.Once you do the step above, a dialog box shown below will prompt you. NOTES: Never check both Library Items and Templates.(If you do, Dreamweaver will update in the wrong order sometimes.) Always do ONE-AT-A-TIME, if you need to do both, Library Items and Templates If you update both, always make Templates the last one.Since this is chapter 7 of the Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial series, you will probably need to start with chapter 1 if you aren't already very familiar with Dreamweaver CS5.I will assume knowledge of all the things I've mentioned in the previous chapters.This common design is the result of my basing all my pages on a template containing all the above elements (logo, navigation menu, 2 column layout, etc).Using a template makes the job of adding new pages to much easier than it would otherwise have been: any time I want to add a new article, all I need to do is to use that custom template and insert my article content into the right column.In addition, for those who are completely new to making a website, I strongly recommend that you read How to Make / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide first.By the end of this chapter, you will have created nearly all the pages of your website.

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