Updating avg from directory

Please remove any Galaxy files put into quarantine by Avast, here is the list: Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy Client Galaxy Client Crash GOG Galaxy Notifications Galaxy Overlay.exeoverlay_injector_Win32_Release.exeoverlay_injector_Win32_Release With Logging.exeoverlay_injector_x64_Release.exeoverlay_injector_x64_Release With Delete the Galaxy from the installation directory, default: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy Now restart your computer.Download the latest installer from:https://com/galaxyand try installing GOG Galaxy again. If the support articles in the above sections didn’t help you, feel free to contact us. Or both - sometimes you might be able to get help from our delightful users a bit quicker, especially during times of high traffic, or outside of our typical office hours. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.Thank you Hi Dusan_AVG, I am re-posting, in case it wasn't clear from my previous post title that the re-installation failed (see prev post for details). My problem is more urgent now, because now I have NO anti-virus protection. Thanks, Dan Hello Zbynek,the Msinfo and log files are at: 105BTW, before the failed install attempt, I tried to delete every instance of avg*.* on my computer.

We’ve got a great community here on GOG, which is always eager to help out.

On weekdays, we normally reply within 24 hours, but during weekends we can only respond that quickly to high-priority, time-sensitive cases.

All other cases will be looked into first thing next week.

For the GMER full anti-rootkit scan, after about a half hour of scanning, the log file was zero length and couldn't be uploaded, see screen shot.

The program will now update as it would had you selected update in the GUI.

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