True blood characters dating in real life

He also tells her that it was Gigi, not Stacy, that she rescued, and that Stacy really died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cutter tells Kim that he found their estranged mother Alex Olanov at Rio and wants to scam her. Hunter Atwood is a fictional character on the American soap opera One Life to Live.

Kim sneaks back into his motel room and steals the gun to blackmail Rex's biological mother Echo Di Savoy to convince her son to hand back the entire Buchanan fortune to Clint, so she can pay her friend's medical bills.

In late September 2011, it is revealed that Kim's friend in the hospital is Stacy.

Kim leaves Llanfair to confront Rama at Angel Square for helping Cutter put her in prison.

When Kim returns, Clint tells her he decided he wants to be with Viki. Soon after, Kim gets a call from Cutter, who tells Kim to help him break out of prison.

In September, it is revealed that Kim is Cutter Wentworth's real sister, and that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth. She finds out that her brother was inspired to scam the Buchanan family after he read about Kim's marriage to Clint in the newspaper.

As Sarah cooperates with the police, Blair, Rex Balsom and Cristian Vega to find Hunter and Todd, Hunter calls; he threatens Sarah for betraying him.

Rex offers to broker a deal for Todd's return, assuring Hunter that wealthy Blair will pay well.

Kimberly Andrews is a Las Vegas exotic dancer who arrives in Llanview, Pennsylvania in August 2009 to help her best friend Stacy Morasco.

Stacy has miscarried her baby with Rex Balsom, and Kim conspires to help Stacy get pregnant again and pass the child off as Rex's.

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