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Elements are identified by their tags that open with , similar to the start tag, but with a slash (/) between the left angle bracket and the element type name, and no attributes.

When there's nothing between a start tag and an end tag, XML allows you to combine them into an empty element tag, which can include everything a start tag can: .

The major theme and its component parts are described by elements.

In our sample XML document, 'tour Guide' is the major theme; 'city' is a category; 'population' is a subcategory of 'city'; and the hierarchy may be carried even further: 'males' and 'females' could be subcategories of 'population'.

The first thing you will need before starting to create XML documents is a problem--something you want to solve by using XML to store and share data or information.

You need some entity you can collect information about and then access in a variety of formats. To develop an XML document and schema, start with a data model depicting the reality of the actual data that is exchanged.

Our starting point is a single entity, CITY, which is shown in the following figure.

In the first chapter, Introduction to XML, you learned what XML is, why it is useful, and how it is used.In this chapter, we start to practice working with XML using XML documents, schemas, and stylesheets.An XML document organizes data and information in a structured, hierarchical format.Consider using a child element if you need more freedom.These rules are designed to aid the computer reading your XML document. The database will contain fields which correspond to elements in the XML document.the standard way to encode international documents) - Unicode provides a unique number for every character.Another potential attribute of the XML declaration: standalone="yes" = the dependency of the document ('yes' indicates that the document does not require another document to complete content) The majority of what you see in the XML document consists of XML elements.This chapter is divided into three parts: As you learned in the previous chapter, the XML Schema and Stylesheet are essentially specialized XML Documents.Within each of these three parts we will examine the layout and components required to create the document.So, now you want to create your very own XML documents.In this chapter, we will show you the basic components used to create an XML document.

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