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This is the café where the client can experience the most erotic dreams and he can pick any girl he likes and do whatever he wants with her… The owner of the café tries to invent new ways of delighting our customers. It is seldom if a customer leaves us without having shot a portion of his cum on a naked girl’s body. Some men like the women like me and when we have such clients I am invited to a separate room with them to provide our “special” services. It was short, about a half of a usual real penis long, but it had a big head.

Yesterday my boss called me and said: - Margaret, today you go to room two. I came up to my closet, took off the uniform and remained in stockings and a lacy garter. Now I realized why the table was transparent – to see the toy stick placed between the legs of a descent and intelligent woman.

At last he broke the silence: - Please, come in and have a seat at the table. Right in the centre a big realistic dildo was swaying.

The man had obviously studied them for his hand was on one of the regulators. I smiled shyly and screamed when I saw what was in the middle of the armchair. Thin strips of my panties caught at the stilettos and I had to stand with one of my legs raised to remove the strips.

And when his hard bollocks slapped against my lips I felt the tip of his cock touched my womb. I knew he was on the verge of coming but he tried to prolong the pleasure. When everything was over he sat on the sofa and pushed the call button.

He moved the handle to the limit and the toy stick started fucking me with all its might and up to its full length.

You will have a sensual conversation with a nice man, our privileged customer. I looked into the mirror and decided to choose an office style. It was so short that my vulva lips were seen, so I had to put on black narrow panties.

At first short transparent white blouse that revealed my nipples and areolas.

Learning how to dirty talk in bed is the easiest thing to do if you understand the little details that matter.

You may feel awkward or find the whole idea embarrassing to begin with.

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