Tips dating independent women

When you choose to date the independent woman, you're getting on a new kind of ride.While we appreciate that you've dated other women, or you've picked up on the stereotypes and basic tips of dating in our generation..may not work on us.Dating in college is a struggle all too real on its own before you throw an independent woman into the mix.Not only do we as college students struggle to make time for studying, maintaining our own health and keeping up with our friend and familial relationships, but we also date. You're spending time figuring all about someone you have a genuine interest in knowing which ultimately helps you decide rather or not you want to continue knowing them or not.

They have their minds made up, they know what they want and there is no time for games or drama.

I know that in that dating world, we constantly assume that men are automatically supposed to buy the dinner and pay for the whole date.

While we appreciate the gesture, don't be offended when your date offers to pay for her food or the entire meal.

So I'll share a few helpful tips to dating the independent woman.

When I say that we like our space, I genuinely mean it.

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