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He produced his underground CD of "In Da Streets" which surprisingly sold for about 20,000 copies.Also receiving quite a buzz due to the high TV airing of his collaboration with Bone Crusher in the latter's hit single, "Never Scared", T. The model responded to rumors of her breaking up T. I.'s marriage after Tiny referred to her as a "pass around bitch" on Instagram."That home had BEEN broken," Burgos wrote in the comments of the post. are just friends, she seemed to insinuate that they had sex."This is 2017," she said.

These days, Bernice is a single lady and she said she’s looking for a confident man who will motivate her to do and be better. She’s keeping busy with her pajama line and she said she has a fitness video in the works.

"And I've NEVER dealt with a married man in my life... "Ain't nobody gonna be waiting for pussy and waiting to fuck just because I'm getting separated.

Technically when a person files for divorce it's saying they're moving on with their lives & their marriage has failed...

I.'s name was brought to other music records' attention.

Bernice Burgos is the talk on social media this morning after her almost hour long interview with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club.” Find out what she said about her relationships with T. & Drake, how she tried to check Angela Yee and the work she has had done on her body when you go inside... I., her social media drama with Tiny Harris, and more. have never been in a relationship and they never “kicked it.” Weren't they spotted on vacay together though? If I look good, just be like that girl looks good.” Cool, as long as said surgically enhanced women stop attacking the looks of women who are not.

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