Teacher dating student in modesto

A 41-year-old high school teacher exchanges thousands of text messages with his student, then leaves his wife and three children to date her.

The couple then goes on national TV, saying their relationship didn't become physical until she turned 18.

In California, there's nothing illegal about what they did.

Now, a lawmaker is hoping to change that with a bill rolled out Monday that would make such relationships a felony, even if the student is 18, and strip teachers of their pensions and retiree health care if they are convicted.

Since her daughter's story broke, Powers said she received more than 5,000 emails from all over the county, many from parents worried that their own children may be in a similar situation.

Teacher having affairs with students over 18 are illegal in 23 states, including Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut and Kansas, according to Olsen.

The reaction has been largely shock, disapproval and betrayal.

The teen’s mother has waged a very public campaign on Facebook since last week, when her daughter moved out of the family’s home and into a Modesto apartment with the man.

Hooker and Powers could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

She said her daughter was “always compliant,” kept her room tidy at their Waterford home and minded her curfew. Hooker came to the hospital with her daughter, who left her phone with an older sister.

The sister, suspicious, found dozens of text messages from Hooker.

He has left his wife and children, one of whom is a junior at the same school, Enochs High.

Modesto police are investigating whether there was inappropriate contact before the girl turned 18 in the fall.

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