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We spent the rest of the night watching the first movie we ever saw together and playing video games. "One year, my girlfriend surprised me with a super romantic wine tasting tour.

It was such a shock because I never even thought about wineries being open during the colder months, but many are!

He knew I was tired from my week and didn't feel like going out, so we stayed in.

He doesn't really cook, so he went around buying all my favorite foods from different restaurants like chicken and beef skewers, Indian bread, and chicken Caesar salad.

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"The most memorable Valentine's Day was when I showed up at my boyfriend's house and he led me downstairs to his basement where he'd prepared an indoor picnic.We exchanged gifts after brunch and spent the afternoon simply being together and enjoying our uninterrupted time.That night, we made a delicious dinner at home and watched many corny Valentine's Day movies.He cooked steak and even bought a super-sweet cake that said 'Happy (kind of) Valentine's Day.' He also got me flowers and chocolate.It was so sweet, especially because he sucks at keeping secrets and I had no idea he was planning this." —10.One of the hardest parts of Valentine's Day is deciding what the hell to do to make it ~*perfect*~.Here, 14 women share their favorite Valentine's Day dates ever to give you a little inspiration for something other than Netflix and chill.We didn't have much money back then and he still lived with his parents, so he brought up a bunch of chairs to his room and used his nightstand as our table.He also lit candles, put on Frank Sinatra, and opened a bottle of Moët.Although there's nothing wrong with that either, just saying. "One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is when my boyfriend decided to make a home-cooked meal.He surprised me with a dozen roses, a giant fuzzy heart with chocolate inside, and a handmade card.

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