Son dambi and marco dating

Then it’s Dambi and Marco who have come back from the bookstore.The atmosphere is tense and Dambi isn’t talking to Marco.Hyunjoong suggests Hwangbo does her cute whining now before anyone else gets there and tells her to get the cucumber and say “cucumber is delicious” WTH??!?!??! Part 10 – Hwangbo decides she wants to save up her cute act for later and Hyunjoong asks “Do you want a leek instead? Back to Dambi & Marco and it’s so cold~~~ Marco relieves the tension a bit by coming out with his rabbit head LOLLL.Marco offers Dambi another banana (LMAOOO) while he eats a carrot cause he’s a rabbit XDD.

Alex looks at the moon and he says he’s reminded of the quadruplet’s faces, aw

So then they bond slightly by playing the game and soon Hyungdon is lying on his couch again x D.

But damn their game is totally freaky and violent O.o Just before they show the other couples, you see Hwanhee removing his picture frame which he had previously used to cover their couple photo.

When they find out other people are coming, Kyujong and Hyungjoon totally brighten up. But they do have a serious conversation about what Marco does wrong and his friends are on Dambi’s side. Because last ep, Alex said she had a tough week and now he talks about how he’s really worried about her :/ Then Alex sings her a song 2AM 2NE1 2PM 4Minute 8eight After School Baek Ji Young Bae Seul Gi Beast Big Bang Bo A Boys over Flowers Brown Eyed Girls C.

Part 11 – Back to Hwangbo & Hyunjoong, they’re ready to start dinner. N Blue CSJH Davichi DBSK EHB Epik High Eric Mun f(x) F. T Island Fly to the sky Hyori Infinite Jang Geun Suk Joo K.

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