Small case against online dating

Sociological Images brings us a video talking about implicit bias against short men.

The scientifically valid tool discussed in the video, the Implicit Association Test, measures how biased someone is against a group, even in ways they may not know about: if the test-taker is faster and more accurate at sorting tall men and good things into the same category than tall men and bad things, the test-taker is biased in favor of tall men.

This is because the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has taken temporary control of the communications used to connect with infected computers, but expects only a very limited window of opportunity to ensure you are protected.

They will know that your computer is infected because the NCA – working with other law enforcement bodies around the world – has taken over thousands of the criminal servers and examined the records. Even then, if your computer has been locked down by Crypto Locker, it is too late.

Remember that making sure that updating your operating system and software are good habits to get into so you should be doing this on a regular basis.

In Western culture, we associate men with power, women with weakness.

A short woman is merely doing what her gender requires (and may actually experience a larger dating pool and less worry about high-heel-induced castration complexes). All those little, intangible, gut-level things that can make the difference between a hiring or a promotion and a dead-end career or a night shift at Starbucks.

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