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Two days Jill told him that they must break up, because she fell in love with another guy.Alex intently gazed in darkness waylaying his victim in the car.Finally he saw her figure framed in moonlight, got out of the car and blocked her way.That sunny day she went there again, but this time her joy has quickly turned into despair, when a mature guy that was hiding behind the trees cuffed her hands and switched on to her little holes.Jessica came to the library after school and began doing her homework.Kevin watched this cute little kitty cleaning the room and each time she bent down he enjoyed gorgeous look of her ass.He felt his cock hardening in his pants and decided to please it with the help of her tight holes.Anger and grievance poisoned his mind day after day and finally he has decided that this unfaithful slut deserves vicious revenge.Together with his friend they lulled the bitch with chloroform and brought her to his place, where both guys mercilessly fucked her in turns. Finally he knocked the door and she quickly opened it to let him in, but instead of her husband she saw a masked burglar that pushed her back inside and forced her on floor.And she sneered at his awkward attempts to persuade her to sex. Tom prepared his mask and a couple of picklocks in advance, so nothing could stop him, when he went out for hunt.Sarah was on her way back home when her young neighbor opened the door and invited her to come in.

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