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He said that a move towards independence in inquiries was needed to restore shattered public confidence.

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The law Was self- defeating because it merely sought’ -to punish police offenders. had been given to Mr Long defence on the eleventh day. would bring the earnings of top drivers and depot staff m May. • The men who painted trees Two .workmen who ' painted a couple’s car, -, swimming pool, garden-' furniture,.- walls, ' win- dows and 'even trees and bushes battleship grey, after a dis- pute over payment of bills, were sent to prison for three months j yesterday.360 prison protesters - doing * acceptable ** work unless, there was a complete agree-, ment with the authorities on the pfpe of work. ___ of paying strike pay are the self and the Dfi SS would norm- Transport and General Workers’ ally pay most of the family’s Union and the Amalgamated rent.With the dirty protest, the'- hunger-strike and -the blanket protest over, some of the inten- sity has gone out of the prison conflict. the prisoners -- are not causing any particular problems to the Maze authorities who merely will Jock up the men in their cells during working hours,- * - Sii AO Minis e.i.'v - - - "ijj, v S*» *•-! By Our Labour Staff production would include tax rebates that most strikers receive in . The Inland Revenue said last night that most large companies such as BL handle the payment of tax rebates at plant level, hut if white-collar payroll staff should join the strike, or refuse to cross picket: lines, strikers would have to 'approach their local inspector, of taxes who would assess their rebates. In the case of families with Union of Engineering Workers, mortgages, the department will Britain’s two biggest .unions. Both unions, which have sub- stantial investment but are understood to be suffering cash shortages; will pay -their mem- bers £12 'a week.The GMWt T strike pay is £16.50 a week and families of that union’s BL members will have their benefits reduced by an extra £4-50 a week on top -of the deemed £12, *• income reduced by as much as two thirds if the 'strike becomes prolonged.Measures introduced by the Government have reduced the amount of state benefits that strikers’, families are entitled to riaiim. new deduction made from allowable .benefits by the Department of 'Health and Social Security is £12 a week which a striker is deemed to have received from his union in strike pay.And also more ready access to top-level specialists in departments like insurance, exports, investments, etc.So, without the usual flannel and plethora 1 of committees

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