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So this crew that owns West Baltimore is supposed to believe that Orlando, who got busted in the first place because he tried to step out and sell a package because he needed money, somehow got his bail arranged in some way that didn’t involve cooperating with the police. The police keep trying to convince themselves that it’s a good plan because they think it’s plausible that Orlando needs to go buy weight to make money to pay his legal fees.

And they convince themselves that it’s also plausible that Kima be there too, playing the girlfriend that Savino (Chris Clanton), the dealer they are procuring from, doesn’t know and has never heard of, despite knowing Orlando very well.

The police higher-ups, impatient that the bust-for-show they have demanded hasn’t come off yet, order Lieutenant Daniels (Lance Reddick), whose unit is up on a wire on West Baltimore’s most dangerous and successful drug gang, to arrange for a quick bust that they feel will make them look good. Orlando (Clayon Le Bouef), who has already been busted, is looking to buy weight from Avon’s (Wood Harris) crew, and will have his girlfriend along for the ride–Detective Greggs (Sonja Sohn) undercover. If Orlando was going to make bail, it would have been Avon’s crew who bailed him out.

But Avon only needed Orlando’s name on the liquor license at the strip joint he owned, and once his name got dirty, he no longer needed him.

Also common is a portrayal of God as the ultimate Chessmaster, capable of executing an eternity spanning plan that often works In Mysterious Ways.

This leads people to wonder why God doesn't just solve the problem of evil with a single metaphysical finger snap, but that's a discussion best left to theologians.

Works which feature Rage Against the Heavens often feature God being a jerk, if not outright malevolent to his creation, though some would say he's more concerned with perfect justice than just being nice, which can cause problems with an imperfect humanity.

In “The Cost”, the episode is framed around a buy and bust. But Orlando is out, so obviously, he’s been snitching.

He's usually portrayed as the only deity in the works He appears in, but writers have played with the premise.

Some depictions create an opposing force to God equal in stature to Him, The Anti-God. Another variation is for there to be multiple lesser god-like being below Him.

Though there are detectives in cars just a few blocks away, they are unable to locate Orlando’s car because the drug dealers have turned all the street signs in order to “fuck with the cops.” Kima, who’s wired, is trying to give her location by rattling off street names from the back seat of Orlando’s car, but she doesn’t really have any idea where she really is, and even “foxtrot”, the B. D.’s helicopter unit can not locate them, as Savino has now made off with their money, and while Orlando and Greggs sit helplessly in the car waiting for their drugs like sitting ducks. Orlando the snitch is dead, and Kima is officer down. The entire force was galvanized when one of their own went down, for sure, and Greggs’ heroism was appreciated.

Her squad, who were desperately and helplessly trying to find her, still can’t find her, and are all screaming “OFFICER DOWN! These are cops–for all their faults–who operate essentially as rogues who are always looking to circumvent the chain of command, but who are all extremely dedicated to their detail and to each other. We know this because in a gripping exchange between Rawls (Doman) and Mc Nulty (West), Rawls implores Mc Nulty not to blame himself for the situation, that he “didn’t do one thing to get a police shot” and that the “only moral here is that she took 2 for the unit.” But when Burrell informs the commissioner, and the commissioner sees that Greggs has a lesbian partner, he declines to offer her his support.

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