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Last year Turkey shot down a Russian jet causing a major diplomatic crisis.

The shooting of Andrei Karlov could further destabilize relations in the region.

Stations like these are also often used as backup systems for when a satellite system is not operational.

One theory is that the Buzzer acts as a 'Dead Man's Switch.' In the case of a nuclear attack against Russia, MDZh B would stop playing the buzz, and launch an automated counter-strike (pictured is a 1950s atom bomb)Another theory is that MDZh B is being used to detect how far away missiles are.

The nature of the frequency used by the station allows the transmission to cover vast distances.

This means for a global military or spy network, it would be possible to at least transmit outgoing messages.

While none of these theories have been proven, there are several clues in the buzz itself.

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Others have suggested that the Buzzer has been used to instruct a network of Russian spies all over the world.Instead, the most commonly believed theory is that the Buzzer is a combination of two things.Firstly, the constant buzz could simply be a marker – a way to stop other people from using it.The transmission seems to originate from a swampland near St Petersburg, but no-one knows who is broadcasting it.Speaking to the BBC, Professor David Stupples, an expert in signals intelligence from City University, London, said: 'There's absolutely no information in the signal.'While they have never admitted it, the frequency is thought to belong to the Russian military.Its noise has changed slightly over the years, but it has always involved some form of regular buzzing, interrupted by a voice on rare occasions seemingly reading out a message.The buzzing plays out on a frequency of 4625 k Hz, which anyone around the world can tune in to.Russian Ambassador Ambassador Andrei Karlov has been shot dead in Turkey.Initial reports indicate the assassin is a Turkish police officer.And secondly, Russia may use the station in moments of crisis, instructing their worldwide spy network and military forces to standby in certain areas.This feature was recently tested, according to Maris Goldmanis, a radio enthusiast who regularly listens to the station.

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