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In fact, expect the latter from the Obstructive Bureaucrat who can cite any Rule that justifies him/her not doing anything remotely reasonable or helpful.

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Others were built during the Medieval field rationalisations; more originated in the industrial boom of the 18th and 19th centuries, when heaths and uplands were enclosed.The first hedges enclosed land for cereal crops during the Neolithic Age (4000–6000 years ago).The farms were of about 5 to 10 hectares (12 to 25 acres), with fields about 0.1 hectares (0.25 acres) for hand cultivation.Other shrubs and trees used include holly, beech, oak, ash, and willow; the last three can become very tall. The wall at the base is a dirt parapet that varies in thickness from one to four or more feet and in height from three to twelve feet.Growing out of the wall is a hedge of hawthorn, brambles, vines, and trees, in thickness from one to three feet.When clipped and maintained, hedges are also a simple form of topiary.The development of hedges over the centuries is preserved in their structure.The implication of setting out these rules, and providing a semblance of structure by numbering them, is that they are resolute and unquestionable, and that breaking these rules will lead to dire consequences.Another situation is conveying advice or admonishments, such as with the Mentor Archetype or Old Master.Many hedgerows separating fields from lanes in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Low Countries are estimated to have been in existence for more than seven hundred years, originating in the medieval period.The root word of 'hedge' is much older: it appears in the Old English language, in German (Hecke), and Dutch (haag) to mean 'enclosure', as in the name of the Dutch city The Hague, or more formally 's Gravenhage, meaning The Count's hedge.

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