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Some of this is my opinions on the various supported platforms and some of the pros and cons.

Browsers We now have added support for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

From our own surveys we know we have a large number of users still running on XP and that people may not want to have to buy new computers until absolutely necessary.

The worst thing about XP is that Microsoft doesn’t support IE 9 there and that IE8 is quite slow and buggy.

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In fact we recommend the 64-Bit version since this is the only way to take advantage of the memory in any newer computer.

Note that for Windows RT (the ARM processor version of Windows 8), you can only run true web components here, any VB UIs will not run.

Initial reviews of Windows 8 are rather mixed, but like MS Vista, it will start appearing on new computers whether you like it or not.

Windows 7 This is the main client platform we support.

Sage 300 ERP runs best here and we highly recommend using this client operating system.

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