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So let’s take a look at the fixed rates they offered me: Initially, I felt disappointed that the fixed rates start at a full percentage point higher than the variable rate – although 5.125% is still lower than what I’m paying now.Once I got over that disappointment, I realized that I would still benefit greatly by taking one of these fixed rate terms since they all come in at a lower rate than I’m currently paying.The first thing I noticed after seeing this form is the same number that got under my skin when I first started using Ready For Zero: Note that I entered in my amount as ,950 and, because of my high interest rate, I’ll end up paying ,059.20.In other words, the interest alone caused that one student loan to be over ,000 more expensive than I originally thought – or 41% more than I originally took out! If that’s not motivation to lower that rate and pay it off, then I don’t know what is.Moving is stressful enough without adding big financial decisions to the mix.

That’s why – even though I’ve been feeling annoyed by the interest rate on one of my student loans for a long time now – I’ve just finally sat down to do something about it.How this is possible when I work for a company that helps people pay of debt is beyond me.I mean, I literally think about debt payoff day in and day out; and yet I sometimes manage to forget to do what’s best for myself financially.However, the timing makes things more confusing for me….Remember how I mentioned procrastinating on refinancing my student loans?The desire for instant gratification can be a real thing when you work in tech!That said, it took roughly five minutes to get started on So Fi and I didn’t have to look up any of the information they asked for (which is always a plus in my book).My first instinct when viewing the above offers was to take the lowest interest rate fixed offer.It’s a lower rate than I’m paying now and it comes with the confirmation that the rate can’t suddenly jump.But deciding to move forward on a student loan refinance isn’t quite that simple…Read on to learn more about my experience with So Fi.things require a bit more information and interaction.

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