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6/12/2006 • Vietnam Magazine In 1999, the New York University Department of Journalism solicited nominations for the Top 100 Works of Journalism in the United States in the 20th century. This entry was nominated by New York University journalism professor and writer Mitchell Stephens, who described his submission as a “report for CBS on atrocities committed by American soldiers on the hamlet of Cam Ne in Vietnam.” In his book A History of News, Stephens claims, “The Marines, who faced no resistance, held cigarette lighters to the thatched roofs and proceeded to ‘waste’ Cam Ne.” The film and photos of Cam Ne were widely distributed and are among the most famous images of the Vietnam War. This article investigates the incident at Cam Ne from the perspectives of both the media and the Marine Corps. After the August 1964 incident in the Gulf of Tonkin between North Vietnamese torpedo boats and U. Those attacks were conducted by carrier-based aircraft of the U. In February, the Viet Cong launched a major attack on the U. In this round the United States would launch attacks from the air base at Da Nang to ensure the participation of the South Vietnamese air force.

The Vietnam War garnered four entries, including a 1965 “CBS Evening News” report by correspondent Morley Safer involving U. The possibility existed that North Vietnam might respond by launching air attacks against Da Nang.

Pacific Command activated the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB), making it a force in readiness, capable of landing as needed on short notice.

On February 7, the Marine Corps 1st Light Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion was ordered to protect the airfield there.

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Morley Safer and Cam Ne The American news media accompanied U. At the beginning of August, Safer was having coffee with some Marine officers in an attempt to get an idea of what sort of activity the Marines were engaged in.

One lieutenant told him that an operation was planned for the very next morning, and invited the reporter to come along.

While en route to their objective, the lieutenant told Safer his force was going to level Cam Ne, “really tear it up.” When asked why, the officer said his men had taken a lot of fire from the village.

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