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(Susan Erasmus, Health24, updated June 2010)(Picture: teen boy using laptop from Shutterstock) SEE: The science of smartphone addiction Meet the man with two penises (NSFW photo) This is why you have to pee so often in the morning 14 foods that cause gout 4 things you need to know about having sex when you're HIV positive SEE: The science of smartphone addiction This is why you have to pee so often in the morning Can gene therapy be used to cure Aids?

A recent poll conducted by Texans for Dan Patrick shows almost 70 percent of Texans support "passing a law to make it illegal for a man to enter a women's restroom." Shocker.

The data clearly show the very real threat: Predators now hide behind computer screens — not in bushes and bathrooms.

Last year, a single law enforcement sting, called Operation Broken Heart III, arrested 126 internet predators in the Houston area while eight were arrested in Ft. Fifteen — out of about 100 who contacted undercover officers posing as teenagers online — were arrested in North Texas in 2015 for suspected sexual behavior.

Major brand name advertisers such as Pepsi Co Inc., Georgia-Pacific Corp., State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., Countrywide Mortgage and T-Mobile withdrew ads placed on Yahoo!

Let's not give predators any sense of comfort that lawmakers are looking in the wrong place — the bathroom — to catch them.

(NASDAQ: YHOO) closed all of its user-created chat rooms due to controversy over sexually explicit channels aimed at minors.

Tell at least two people where you are going and when you could be expected back.

Preferably don't go at all - not unless you take at least two people with you. Call yourself Sex Bomb or Dreamstud and you are bound to attract the attention of sickos who cannot get their jollies in the normal social way – ask yourself why this is?

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