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If you had sex, explain that it is why you know it is better to wait.If you got pregnant before you were married, explain why it means you understand the importance of abstinence and safe sex. While most parents of Christian teens would like to think that talking about abstinence is enough, the unfortunate fact is that many teens (Christian and non-Christian alike) have sex before marriage.It's quite possible that some sort of awkward "boy has to ask a girl as his date" scenario will crop up at some point.For extra drama, it can be a Sadie Hawkins dance (named after a character in —the girl asks the guy out.

Know how you define sex and what you think is going too far. Many Christian parents are not perfect, and many did not wait until marriage to have sex.Avoid going over a laundry list of reasons not to have sex.Sit down with your teen and have a real conversation.Most Christian teens have probably heard that they need to abstain from having sex because the Bible tells them to. While every parent would like to think their child has never thought about sex, kissed someone, or gone even further, it just may not be the case, and it can be off-putting to your teen. Having a conversation about sex thinking that your teen doesn't live in the information age will make your talk seem antiquated and lose its edge.The High School Dance, especially on television directed toward a pre-teen audience, shows these teen events at their most watered-down and dated.If it's a theme dance, then everyone will dress up.If you need to write things down, go ahead, but avoid giving a speech. Listen when your teen has something to say, and avoid making it an argument.Understand your teen lives in a very different generation that is far more open about sex than previous generations.While the dialogue may be shocking at first, the conversation will stay with your teen for years to come.You may be here looking for advice on how to prepare a romantic dinner, or you might be trying to set up that first blind date.

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