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I sat down with four families or member of polyamorous groups, two all-male and two male-and-female, to gain some better insight into just how happy (and gleefully sex-positive) these enduring arrangements can be. : Richard, Steven, Rob, Eric, and Paul are all between 47 and 62 years old and live in San Francisco.

Richard and Steven (the daddies) have been together for 23 years and legally married in 2008, while the three boys joined in the last five or six years.

Han says the term for her relationship status is polyamorous, meaning "many loves." People who identify as polyamorous are often in multiple romantic relationships.

The arrangements vary, but they have a lack of exclusivity in common.

Han and her fiancé practice a hierarchical style of polyamory.

"We're a very data-driven culture, so if you're trying to build a product -- to draw an analogy -- and it's failing 50% of the time, you might want to consider the design and think about ways of improving it," Messina says.

Getting together: Rob: If somebody has a thing going on, we all make a point to show up. Eric: My relationships are of great interest and vast amusement to the people I work with. She was 85 and I didn’t feel the need to rock her world.

We have scheduled dates because if we don’t, they won’t happen. Not necessarily having sex, but focusing on the relationship. Richard: We’re not “poly-monogamous.” We interbreed with regularity, though that certainly has diminished as the intensity of the relationship among the five of us has increased. Eric: Lots of my cousins and my aunts and my stepmother and father are all on Facebook and they see all of this.

They spend five to six nights a week together and plan on marrying in 2016 and having children at some point. Han compares her experimentation with her relationship to the experimentation that happens in the Bay Area, a mecca for entrepreneurs who question the way things work.

"I think that in technology, people have higher appetites for risks," she says.

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