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Also, we are still having problems with our email account, so for now, please send a Comment (let us know if you do not want your Comment published), and give us as many specific details as possible, especially in this case, or in more cases, or Unsolved Cases elsewhere on this site.

Someone knows something, (and we know that many people DO know who her killer(s) are; But charges can’t yet be ‘brought’ against these, and the DNA in the CODIS “Bank” compared WITHOUT FORMAL CHARGES. What’s the point of having the DNA of convicted felons, if their DNA can’t even be subpoenaed/used in unsolved cases?

Based on genealogy (1940 census, and other findings, we have reason to believe that James Louis Eagleman, Jr.

We hope that she does see this post, and contacts us again! Curiously, someone (we have his name), who was a ‘Navajo Tour Guide’; and was also one of several who are also now deceased, although this ‘writer one’, was rather young; cause of death is unknown.

) One more Eagleman in those Death Records (MT) EAGLEMAN SR, MELVIN, LEROY – 6/1/1990 – 3233 – 56 (If the email we sent to the Comment person is still active (it appears to belong to someone else now), is replied to, and we can get more information on this case verified, before posting any more of our input. Attorney’s from MT and AZ to cooperate in the investigation, since we believe that at least one Convicted Felon’s DNA SHOULD be compared to DNA found at Jilleda’s Crime scene (IF her DNA was properly collected by Navajo P. Some say “Suicides” for too many of the many cases of deaths as well), published a “Newsletter” of sorts, and distributed it in the Chinle area/Del Muerto/Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Park), which stated that Jilleda’s body had been found, BEFORE she was actually found.) We didn’t mean to ‘take away’ from the sad and unsolved case of James Louis Eagleman, Jr.

There are EAGLEMAN names (and more Eagleman deaths) in MT, and there is a George Eagleman, living in SD, who is Lakota, as well as one w/ the same name on youtube, and one or more who are in the military (Michigan, for example); We believe that THIS Eagleman is likely Cree, or Chippewa Cree and was enrolled in the Rocky Boy Tribal Nation, MT, but we could be wrong. site, which SHOULD have the Unsolved case posted somewhere on their site (Homicides fall under “Major Crimes Act”, which REQUIRES (or would have required back in 1991) that the F. Roderick Charles Anagal had left AZ the day that Jilleda’s body was found, then stabbed a man 6 times, disabling him for life, in Kalispell, MT on the Flathead Tribe’s Reserve.

James Louis Eagleman, Jr.’s Unsolved Homicide is not on the F. was(who is also a Registered Violent Offender in Montana, now out on Parole, but had left AZ the day Jill’s body was found, IS involved!

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