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Gairanod was horrified to hear that tens of thousands of children in the Philippines between the ages of 7 and 17 work in the business, and that about 750,000 customers are online worldwide at any given time.But then she felt almost relieved when she realized that the problem wasn't confined to Cordova.

There are even cases in which several families share a laptop and build a business at home, or in which youths prostitute themselves in separate booths at Internet cafés.In fact, Gairanod would rather not get out of the car.During the tour, she occasionally points to a hut and shouts bits and pieces of a story over the music playing in her car.As she drives, she tells stories of various cases of sexual abuse in the neighborhood, some so graphic they are unfit for publication. She once studied law, and her father was a judge, so she knows how to systematically take action against injustice. The small city for which Gairanod feels responsible hasn't just become an enormous daily challenge for her.There is the neighbor who turned a family in, she says, the man who rents out his laptop and there, she says, pointing to a house, there was something with a cat. Cordova is a culture in which people pretend that open secrets don't exist, especially one as disgraceful as this.The problem is a product of the unusual confluence of poverty and an excellent digital infrastructure that is especially pronounced in Southeast Asia.In 2013, Asia had 1.3 billion Internet users, the largest number of any region worldwide.Dubious 'Family' Businesses It's difficult to understand how parents can reach a point where they would abuse their own children, especially in the Philippines, where the role of family is so important.In many cases, though, adults don't see anything particularly objectionable about posing in front of the camera.More than 40 percent of the population of Cordova lives below the poverty line.There are few cars and most of the homes here are wooden huts.

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