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I guess one can do as little or as much as one wants. My husband is similar to you – he is self-sufficient in the realm of housework because he too was a bachelor for a long time before he met me.So I never have to do that much, compared to others. In my case, essentially since it came on the market in 1997.In the thunder of stories breaking loose regarding psych drug withdrawal, I am hearing next to nothing about Seroquel and I feel a moral obligation to offer up my story for the common good. In 2009, I discovered, as countless people have, that I had been massively misled.

That is noble in a way, because this act of dependence on the man is truly ‘natural’ and ergo biblical.

Here is a comparison of men’s remarriage rates in 19 broken down into ten year categories.

Note that the over 65 value for 1990 doesn’t match the same value in the chart at the top of the page (16 vs 19).

I don’t have the issue of (for example) having to pick up his clothes from the floor, etc. So I am lucky in this regard, I guess, not that this would bother me (I expected this in my mental adjustment to marriage, so was surprised that this didn’t happen – at least it hasn’t happened – yet).

The topic of this article is Seroquel withdrawal: the process of withdrawal and the consequences of having taken this particular chemical for over ten years.

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