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And so, on June 30th at p.m., a force of 50 men, a joint effort of the sheriff and police departments, arrived at the house in Holmby Hills.A helicopter hovered overhead, ready with searchlights, while the head of the detail telephoned the house from the gate.I mean, Neil he Aladdin paid Neil Diamond 0,000 for five shows and, in the program, added a gratuity, calling him "the world's greatest performer." The hotel named a suite after him and threw a lavish party for him after opening night – in a banquet room coincidentally called the Diamond Room. It seems like an odd way to gain an inner sense of acceptance of the self. It seems like a lot of people are getting good things from it. "Cherry Cherry," "I'm a Believer," "Solitary Man," "Kentucky Woman," "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon," "I Thank the Lord for the Night Time," "Sweet Caroline," "Holly Holy," "Shilo," "Cracklin' Rosie," "Play Me," "Song Sung Blue" and, of course, "I Am . And when the youth asked him to join him in India so they could sit in a cave, Diamond said he'd love to – except he had to finish this Diamond has always been a sponge, soaking up, then letting drop here and there the admixture of sounds of Brooklyn and Manhattan, the music of his high school choruses and the fervor of a Harlem church he went to once. His humor is offhanded, nervous and are-you-with-me humble. ." He introduced the audience to a device attached to his microphone that sprayed ionized water into his mouth as he sang to provide him with a moisturized air stream and help him fend off the dread "Las Vegas Throat." "It's gonna do horrible things to my hair," said Diamond, "but screw it . He doesn't tease like a Tom Jones; there are no martial-arts moves like Presley's. "This way I'm less observable," he says."If I had my druthers, I'd be an anonymous star," he continues.Out in the casino a young couple from Westminster, California, and a retired couple from Chicago sat around a blackjack table playing dreadful "21" and talking about how they looked forward to seeing Diamond the next night. It's really the only justification I've found yet for my life. On his sabbatical, he says, he read 200 books – "it was like the college education I didn't have" – and he studied music theory so he'd be able to write symphonies. On opening night, he stalked around the stage remarking on how everything done that night would be a first, finishing with: "If you stick gum under your seat, that'll be the first gum. But he laps up the attention of the younger girls in the audience, hugging and kissing and posing for photos. I Said" into the birdbrained optimism of To which Diamond responds: "When I get onstage, it's a theatrical experience. "Somebody that was able to do his work, have it accepted by the public and still be able to maintain his own private feelings and live as reasonably normal a life as one could expect in this situation. I've avoided getting too hot; I've avoided over exposure, staying away from television for a long time has been part of it.He and Marcia are looking to buy another house out here in Malibu, he says. "He's just been hanging out and grooving ever since, traveling. I wish I had that basic nature to relax and go with it. He would've been perfect in a Hare Krishnite showed up at his door with incense and literature.Just yesterday they put the Holmby Hills place up for sale because Marcia was still "freaked out" by the raid. I'm much more emotionally reflective of my mother, who's more intense. Diamond invited him in, talked with him, then showed him his work in progress.

One of Diamond's staff talked about why he's so popular there. He's uncertain what kind of therapy it was – "My guess would be Freudian, but we never discussed his techniques." All he knows is that in 1972 he felt he didn't know how to talk with people – with the press – about his work.

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"I mean, at this point, she just doesn't want to go back to the house."The raid, he says, "was very surreal." He didn't have to tell me that. I Said" about the frog who dreamed of becoming a king and then became one – that's Diamond, all right. I'm motivated, I'm pushed, I'm driven in a sense."To do what? " Then, a second later: "I'm motivated to find myself. The young man ended up meeting with Diamond every day for six weeks.

When I first heard the news, secondhand, my first thought was that it had to be some other Neil. But he is a restless man – insecure, moody and serious . I'm an imperfect emotional being, trying to figure out some way to give some kind of substance and meaning to my life. I write these little songs and go and sing them in a recording studio and, later, in front of a lot of people. I Said.""He's written some songs over the years that were extraordinary to me," says the Band's Robbie Robertson, who produced Diamond's latest album, They laughed when Clive Davis, then president of Columbia, made that million bet on Diamond's endurance. Diamond put him up in an apartment, rented him a car. lighter blue." Finally, in late '70, in Corvallis, Oregon, white. Somehow it was symbolic of opening up, of letting defenses down."For a man so meticulous about everything he touches, Diamond can be relatively loose onstage. "But most of the two-hour show is standard Neil Diamond – most of the hits, done in an alternately smooth and cracklin' voice. Only one of them is the real you."Offstage, in wine-colored shirt (I didn't ask what year), smoke-gray suit and tinted glasses, he sits for a CBS-TV interview and says he doesn't want to be a celebrity who gets "swept away by it all; it's not real," but that celebrity "is part of my skin; I love it."At lunch at Le Restaurant, across from his office, he asks to switch seats with me, so that he is facing away from the entranceway.

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