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Please help us grow the Stinger Basketball program for our youth! [more] On Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 the Stingers organization was asked to share our growth and successes with the Rotary Club.

The Stingers are very grateful for the support of our community, including the Rotary Club. [more] With the winter weather upon us please be aware that we will post on the website and on our Facebook page, as well as notify the Moose 103.3 of any cancellations. All high school programs will be cancelled when th...

The Open Streets Committee is looking for volunteers to either Adopt a Barricade or be an Activity Partner.Emanuel Tov’s studies on the Septuagint focused first on inner-translational developments and gradually moved to the importance of this translation for the study of the Bible: the early revisions of the Septuagint, translation technique, the reconstruction of the Hebrew parent text of the Greek translation, the value of the Septuagint for the textual study of the Hebrew Bible, the importance of certain Septuagint books for the exegesis of the Hebrew books and the understanding of their literary development, the place of the Hebrew source of the Septuagint in the development of the text of the Bible. Parry: The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Part 4, Calendrical and Sapiential Texts (Leiden/Boston: E. Tov’s initial publications on the Septuagint deal with that translation’s early revisions that were intended to approximate the Greek text to the Hebrew text current in Israel from the 1st century BCE until the 2nd century CE. He studied at a “gymnasium”, where he learned classical and modern European languages, and at the same time learned Hebrew at Talmud Torah. His dissertation, written under the guidance of Professors Shemaryahu Talmon of the Hebrew University and Frank Moore Cross of Harvard University, was submitted to the Hebrew University in 1973 as “The Septuagint Translation of Jeremiah and Baruch.” Upon his return to Israel, he served as an “assistant” at the University of Haifa and at the Hebrew University. Served as visiting Professor at the Universities of Oxford, Uppsala, Doshisha (Kyoto), Macquarie and Sydney (Australia), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), and Halle (Germany). From age 14, he was active in the Zionistic youth movement “Ichud Habonim” and served as one of its leaders. In 1986, he was appointed Professor at the Hebrew University and in 1990 he became the J. He stayed at Institutes for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, NIAS (the Netherlands), Annenberg (Philadelphia), Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies and the Lichtenberg Kolleg (Göttingen, Germany). more Almaguin News, Bracebridge Examiner, Gravenhurst Banner , Huntsville Forester , Parry Sound North Star: WAGER, Frank (Francis) November 17, 1928 - February 11, 2018 Passed away at home on Sunday February 11, 2018. This Thomas Mc Broom design - completed in 1982 - replaced the original 9-hole facility established in 1929.Almaguin News, Bracebridge Examiner, Gravenhurst Banner , Huntsville Forester , Parry Sound North Star: BIRTHDAYS Happy 7th Birthday Sebastian!February 25, 2018 Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Noah and Maisie.For that research, he established sound principles by determining the criteria for defining and characterizing the revisions. His preoccupation with matters of translation technique and the reconstruction of the Hebrew parent text of the Septuagint was influenced by his practical work in the HUBP (Hebrew University Bible Project).

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