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We need $ 250,000 to complete the development and start up system.15% of ICO money will be used for administrative matters (specialist relocation, rent, necessary equipment and other administrative fees).

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But there are many models that already want to work with us.A unique project that has the potential to become a promising business.A new breakthrough in the world of webcam which makes crypto currency as a means of payment.The Universal Shine Coin Wallet allows one to easily purchase, send and store pre-diversified cryptocurrency carts quickly and safely.Shine Coin PROJECTPersonally I am very interested in this project because if I look at the roadmap it is very good vision and mission.Here are couple of best practices, if you decide to setup your own live stream.The Webcam Although you can find webcams included in almost every laptop and mobile phone, the quality of the camera is normally mediocre under low light conditions.This is not porn; It's more about eroticism, beauty, flirting and interaction. Model Initially it will be an experienced and trained model, who know a lot about their business.At the same time, they will not stop working at the existing location but their work will become easier with lots of profitable income.By developing the modern internet at dot.com, it has recently begun to experience the Internet of Things.Cryptocurrencies And blockchain technology is now making way for the “Internet of Value” and Fintech.

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