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Another feat was using the car ferry to cross to the mainland, J.Otto Kirchheiner, chairman of the Monroe County commissioners, was the first to drive a car from Key West to the mainland on July 18, 1927.By 1928, the rebuilt and higher off the water 2,800-foot wooden drawbridge across Card Sound was completed.

Additional roadwork was also to be done in Key West and the Lower Keys.

The Upper Keys were connected to the Florida mainland.

In the meanwhile, Key West had built a road as far as No Name Key.

The letter said, "Keep lookout for the only two citizens of Key West and Monroe County who voted against the two and one half million dollar bond issue yesterday for construction of automobile highway to mainland from Florida Keys. Monroe County was to build a drawbridge and connect the Dade road to the existing North Key Largo road.

Before it could be completed, the roadway and bridge were severely damaged by the hurricane of 1926. Awaiting for its completion, in March of 1927 a barge-type ferry towed by a powerboat transported cars from Florida City to the east end of the Card Sound bridge.

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