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He or she understands that it can be quite a big step to walk into a restaurant or hotel on your own, so will be there on hand to greet you as you arrive, to ensure that you feel especially welcome and to put you at your ease.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Maybe I'll get some interesting chats out of these different environments....? Have a nice meal, pay your own tab, and meet up the next week or month.There is no "dating" and worrying about who is going to pay for what....expectations....a bunch of folks who come from all walks of life just looking for some nice company, dinner, and conversation. I did that for a couple years and made some very nice friends.One thing, if you are going to use an online dating site, please say, exactly, in your profile what you said in this post.Women should know what it is you seek, especially ones hoping for a relationship.Be that, general socialization or "practice" or whatever.If I was looking for a relationship, I would say no to this proposal.

Ya don't have to go the complicated route of setting up a "Date Simulation 2.0; my treat" for that to happen at all, and since that'd be really, well, weird -- yeah, best to avoid. I think if he actually told a girl on a dating site the "plan" or had it on his page, they would do one of two things, one; use him for a free meal, or two; think he is crazy and not looking for anything serious and not bother.

Ends there -- much like talking to a gal in an airport in some other faraway state, and with a plane delay, agreeing to go over to Subway...

doesn't mean you want to exchange #s with this faraway person and become pen pals and such. I see the benefit in it, but the problem is OP -- you'd be making it too weird, too much so that you wouldn't be getting a good "simulation", and even a miscue of one if/when a gal agrees about it, much of the time.

Msg 9 makes some good points about why it wouldn't be a good idea.

I do agree with the joining a social club / group suggestion.aintnodeal- Igor Frankensteen's post already covered exactly what I was thinking.(post #9)I would meet just to talk, but if the conversation was good, I would want to meet again, even if it stayed platonic.

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