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The van is hidden behind the wall of the bridge with just a little bit of the top showing but enough for the camera.

The chevrons and the camera signs are not visible as the van is parked length ways.

I think that the van was recording vehicles that were moving away from the bridge, so on coming cars would not see it at the police do this Hi, I have recently been issued with a No P.

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Gatso installations are identifiable by a series of white lines painted on the road.I was caught speeding in a 30 doing 39 but the mobile van was parked directly under the national speed sign of 50 on leaving the 30 zone. If your complaint is about the siting of the speed camera, this will not be considered grounds to reject it. I live in a quiet rural village and have been done by the local residents doing 37 in a 30.I was caught speeding in a 30 doing 39 but the mobile van was parked directly under the national speed sign of 50 on leaving the 30 zone. When I went past the other day there was a group of them in dark clothing in the bushes stepping out and taking speeds. Community Speedwatch groups are formed with the support of the police.SPECS is a speed camera system that is made by Speed Check Services Limited, a company based in the UK.The cameras operate as one or two sets along any given route and the average speed over the distance travelled between two cameras is worked out using automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR).They can record the speed of motorists and pass this information on to the police.The police may then issue a warning but cannot take any other action.Speed limit is 70 are they allowed to aim over the central barrier and aim you going away from the van?Can a mobile speed camera police van,sit on a bridge overlooking a duel carriage way.The camera will usually take two photographs with a time interval (usually somewhere around the 0.5 second mark) and the vehicle's position when compared with the white road markings will be used to work out approximately how fast the car was travelling and verify the reported speed if the driver decides to dispute the offence.Up until April 2007 all speed cameras in the UK had to have the rear pannel painted yellow to identify the whereabouts of it, however, since the new rules came into play in April 2007, it ceases to be an obligation and it remains to be seen whether the yellow cameras will start to become less visible, in an attempt to catch out more speeding motorists.

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