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The analysis comes in the wake of promises from David Cameron to speed up the adoption system which has blocked the chances of many of the 65,000 children in state care from finding permanent new families.Hollywood actress Halle Berry is pulling out all the stops in her bid to win her increasingly bitter custody ­battle with her former partner Gabriel Aubry.With visible minorities predicted to account for up to a third of the population by 2031, further growth will no doubt occur as the dating pool changes.Mixed unions are more common within younger age groups, as well, suggesting a gradual progression through society.Higher education is also correlated with mixed unions, as is urban living.Vancouver boasts the highest percentage of mixed unions, at nearly 10 per cent, followed by Toronto, Victoria, Ottawa and Calgary.When all couples are considered, Canadian figures are substantially above those in the U. As for public attitudes, last year, a Gallup Poll announced that American approval of black-white marriage hit an all-time high of 87 per cent, up from four per cent in 1958. “There is probably no better index of racial and cultural integration than intermarriage,” Bibby writes.

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European figures define mixed unions as between two people with different citizenship, a far lower standard of tolerance.Last month, Statistics Canada released its latest numbers on couples who cross racial or ethnic lines, revealing surprising and continued growth.Mixed unions are no longer unusual, nor an excuse for cultural conflict or bigotry; today, they’ve become a commonplace feature of life as it is lived in Canada.Within such groupings, however, there’s considerable diversity.Nearly 80 per cent of Japanese “marry out,” as sociologists put it.As the number of mixed unions grows, so, too, will the offspring from these relationships.Whatever taboos may have existed for these children in the past, they’re being erased by sheer numbers.Latin Americans and blacks are also proportionately overrepresented within mixed unions.Groups least likely to marry out include Chinese and South Asians.This suggests religion remains a bigger fault line in Canadian society that skin colour or ethnicity. But it also implies an underlying respect for choice in personal relationships that transcends other prejudices.

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