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So far our tiers look something like this: Over Used is the top, most used, best things that aren’t banned.

there will come a tier system for each individual card, something like … So a gaming group can agree that [they] are playing at Tier 3 for example, and then all tier 1,2 and 3 cards are [useable].

Rarely Used (T5) is where there’s a significant loss of power and value happens; most of your generic removal, not-in-other-tiers tutoring, and things that are only powerful in conjunction with higher tiered cards fall here as well as things like Vicious Shadows, Exsanguinate, and Blatant Thievery.

Never Used (T6) is exactly what it sounds like, sure, things here are legal, but they’re either completely useless, like Clarion Ultimatum or the type of things you often forget about and only delve into when looking for obscure tech or synergy.

Not Fully Evolved is a placeholder “everything else goes here” tier, so it can be taken out as well.

Little Cup, while not actually a tier of its own, is a slightly different format, but it’s included on Smogon’s list, I guess it would equate to pauper.

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