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In September 2014, to coincide with the first anniversary of the PNG Family Protection Act 2013, we launched the “They Say, We Say” Campaign to target underlying norms and misinformation and to generate positive attitudinal, behavioural and informational change.

One of things I found most exciting about the idea of living in PNG was having a Haus Meri (or House Girl), the thought of never having to do any ironing again was blissful!

The directory was successfully complied and verified in 2013 and launched and distributed throughout 20 in Papua New Guinea.

Our second project we focused on women’s rights advocacy.

Yes it’s nice not having to do any laundry or mopping or washing up, but having to ask someone to do all my ‘dirty work’ is taking some getting used to.

I’m also struggling to find things for her to do, 8 hours is a long time, & so I often send them home early.

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