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On Thursday, the actress made a semi-public appearance with him, along with Tichina Arnold in Burbank, CA.The photo op further confirms that fans will see the cast of ‘Martin’ reunite again.She is also mostly known as Damona for her role in ABC comedy show Dr. Her music video ‘Steel here’ was released in September 2015 and released the single ‘Lazy Bitch’ in 2016.

It looks like Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin have resolved their issues with one another.

She accused her co-star of waging an obsessive campaign of physical and emotional abuse against her, so volatile and unpredictable that she feared for her life.

She charged Lawrence with Martin aired for five seasons on Fox from August 27, 1992 to May 1, 1997.

Tisha Michelle Campbell-Martin is an American singer and actress who is widely known for her roles in television series like Martin and My Wife and Kids.

48 years Tisha Campbell is active since 19 years in the musical career generally in R&B and Hip-hop.

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